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Found 4 results

  1. A legend tells how once Sage Narada said to Krishna , Lord, show me Maya. A few days passed, and Krishna asked Narada to make a trip with Him toward a forest. After walking several miles, Krishna said, Narada, I am thirsty; can you fetch some water for Me?Narada said I will go at once, and get you water. So Narada went. At a little distance there was a village. He entered the village in search of water and knocked at a door, which was opened by a beautiful young girl. At the sight of her, Narada immediately forgot that Krishna was waiting for water. He forgot everything and began to talk with the girl. Gradually that talk ripened into love. He asked the father for his daughter, and they were married and lived there and had children. Thus twelve years passed. His father-in-law died; he inherited his property. Then came a flood. The river rose until it overflowed its banks and flooded the whole village. Houses fell, people and animals were swept away and drowned, and everything was floating in the rush of the stream. Narada had to escape. With one hand he held his wife, and with the other, two of his children; another child was on his shoulders and he was trying to ford this tremendous flood. After a few steps he found that the current was too strong, and the child on his shoulders fell and was swept away. In trying to save that child, he lost his grip upon the others, and they also were lost. At last his wife, whom he clasped with all his might, was torn away by the current, and he was thrown on the bank, weeping and wailing in bitter lamentation. Suddenly he heard a voice, - Where is the water? I have been waiting for you. You have been gone for half an hour. Half an hour!Narada exclaimed. Twelve whole years had passed through his mind, and all these scenes had happened in half an hour! This is Maya. And in one form or another, we are all in it. Narada moving away from Krishna is like we moving away from the Supreme Truth and getting entangled in fleeing pleasures. Try to solve the puzzle of happiness. Lord Krsna explains about Maya: 'This divine energy of Mine, consisting of the three modes of material nature, is difficult to overcome. But those who have surrendered unto Me can easily cross beyond it.' (Bhagavat-gita, 7.14). Three gunas: satva, rajas and tamas.
  2. Narada considered himself the greatest devotee of Krishna. Every now and then he would ask Krishna who is your greatest devotee and when Krishna said "you are" Narada would be thrilled to the core. Once Krishna thought that this guy is getting a swollen head and needs to be taught a lesson. So the next time Narada popped the question Krishna named a farmer in a village (in Akhilesh Yadav's, UP). Narada's world crashed. He had to see this greatest devotee of Krishna. The farmer got up at four in the morning. No prayers. He did his household chores. No prayers. Then went to the field. He passed a temple on the way. Hurriedly bowed his head and went his way. He worked in the fields till dusk. No prayers. While returning he again bowed his head at the temple. Reached home, ate dinner and went to sleep. No prayers. Narada was livid with rage. He stormed into Goloka and demanded an explanation as to how the farmer was a better devotee. Krishna promised to tell him but there was an important task to be performed first. He gave Narada a bowl filled to the brim with oil. Narada had to circumnavigate the universe twice without spilling a drop of oil otherwise chaos would be unleashed on the world. Narada accomplished the task and again asked for an explanation. Krishna asked him how many times had Narada remembered him during the task. Narada replied that he had to focus hard on the Lord's work so was unable to remember him. Then Krishna said even the farmer is focused on my work but he still remembers me twice a day. Narada realized his error. For a while he stopped bragging about his devotion to Krishna. But then old habits die hard. Soon he was back to normal. Even Krishna could not cure him of his pride.
  3. One day Sri Krishna and His devotee, Narada Muni, were together in a beautiful forest. They were sitting among the trees next to a little river, which glittered in the sunlight. All the animals in creation gathered around Krishna and Narada Muni, delighted to be in the presence of the Lord. There were songbirds, peacocks, swans, squirrels, deer, foxes, tigers and many other creatures. And being in the presence of the Lord, they were so full of love that a deer laid down next to a tiger, and a fox affectionately licked a squirrel's ear. The devas were there as well. It was a special moment for everybody. Krishna was smiling blissfully, and everyone was happy. Narada Muni's heart was overflowing with devotion towards the Lord. His hands were caressing the holy feet of his Beloved. All of a sudden, Krishna looked deeply at Narada Muni. To test his spiritual understanding, He asked him, "Narada, what do you think? What is the greatest thing there is?" Narada became a little nervous because he desperately wanted to give the correct answer. He thought and thought and thought, and then he said, "My Lord, I've got it! Without any doubt, the ocean is the greatest of all." All the fish that were swimming in the river jumped playfully in the water when they heard this because they were on their way to the ocean. But Krishna replied, "Narada, how can it be? Don't you know that the ocean is surrounded by land?" Narada Muni said, "Sorry, my Lord. You're right. It cannot be. In that case, the mountains must be the greatest." The squirrels were satisfied by this answer because they loved to run and play in the mountains. They giggled and said to each other, "Squeak, squeak, squeak," which in their language means, "Yes, yes! Very good!" But again the Lord replied, "No, Narada. How can that be? Don't you see that the mountains are limited and the sky around their peaks are much greater?" "I'm sorry," said Narada, becoming red in the face. He was astonished at his own ignorance. But still, he wanted to please the Lord. So he said, "My Lord, now I understand that the sky is the greatest thing there is." All the birds chirped in delight when they heard this. But Krishna was not happy with this answer. He said, "No, Narada, you failed again. Don't you know that Heaven is beyond the sky?" Narada said, "That's it! Heaven is the greatest thing!" The devas who live in Heaven were so happy to hear this that they flew about making somersaults. But Sri Krishna just shook His head. "No," He said. The squirrels felt so sad for Narada. One of them started to cry. But Krishna smiled at the squirrel and gave him a nut to make him happy. Narada felt defeated. He said, "Sorry, my Lord. You are right. It cannot be." Narada said to himself, "Now, let me think deeply because I don't want to fail again. Is there anything that can be greater than Heaven? Hmmm…" So he thought and thought. The peacocks spread their wings displaying all the beautiful colours of the rainbow, hoping to inspire Narada. But he couldn't come up with an answer. The Lord came to his rescue and said, "You see, devotion is the greatest of all things because it makes you little and humble and loving - and there is nothing greater than being little and humble and loving." Narada, who loved the Lord more than anything in the world, was deeply moved. He took the Lord's hand and held it to his cheek. "Oh, my Lord, thank you so much," he said. "I didn't know that." The squirrels, who like all the other creatures were greatly devoted to Krishna, reverently folded their paws and said, "Squeak, squeak, squeak," which means, "Thank you very much, Krishna! We also didn't know that." The animals were very happy, and they all bowed to the Lord. The birds chirped, the peacocks danced with their beautiful tails spread out, the deer skipped about, the foxes smiled and wagged their tales, and the tigers purred very loudly. And because they loved Lord Krishna so much, they all lived happily ever after. Moral of the incident: It is so clear as Lord Krishna say in Bhagavad gita that he can be only achive by bhakti – devotion: bhakti mam abijananti. When we understand our relationship with God then we all will be happy. It is an essential factor for establishing peace in the world. All happiness in the material world has a beginning and an end, but happiness in Krishna is unlimited, and there is no end. Joy can only be experienced when we offer our love to Krishna. A devotee is very forgiving and tolerant of others but is very strict and determined with himself guarding against Maya.
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