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Found 5 results

  1. Thus while almighty Hari did abide In Vraj, with Baladeva, he espied The eager herdsmen gather to prepare A holy sacrifice, with pious care. And tho’ nothing is hidden from his view, And as the inner self of all, he knew Precisely what it was they planned to do. Yet he, with meek and childish innocence, The Thousand-eyed to rouse by some pretence, Thus questioned Nanda, and the others round, Who were by ties of fond affection bound, “O father! Who is it you wish to please, By lavish preparations, such as these? It seems you would a grand festival hold, Thus it behooves you, to me to unfold, For whom, by whom, it is to be performed? Of these details I fain would be informed.” Then Nanda condescended to explain, That, “Mighty Indra is the god of rain, Who in his arm the forky lightning wields, And irrigates the toiling farmer’s fields; ‘Tis by his grace the teeming earth supplies Life-giving grains, we therefore sacrifice.” Then Krishna made reply unto his sire, Intending to provoke lord Indra’s ire, And by his counsel, all the items there, To worship Govardhan they did transfer; A grand festivity they celebrate, And round the mountain circumambulate; They offer giant lamps and heaps of rice , Worshipping Govardhan with sacrifice.
  2. So to the brahmans’ wives the boys repaired, Their purpose, with respect, to them declared; And in the names of Ram and Krishna made Request that rice and dainties be conveyed To Krishna, who was waiting in the wood, And, with his brother, in a bower stood. The brahmans’ wives were filled with joy to hear Govinda’s name, ornament of the ear; Collecting in clay pots the food required, They hurried forth, by ardent love inspired; With eager haste they came unto the place, Sans all shame, and unheedful of disgrace. There Shyama stood beneath a leafy tree, His body slightly curved in places three; His cloud-blue luster shone with pearly sheen, Like burnished gold his yellow garments gleam, A peacock’s feather on his head he wears, Ashoka blossoms dangle o’er his ears, He nods his head and shakes his sable curls, And in his hand a play-lotus he twirls; His arm upon Sridam’s shoulder did fling. When now the brahmans’ wives the food bid bring, Mukunda honored them with welcoming. He urged them that their presence would be missed, And in their husbands ritual should assist. Therefore, reluctantly, they all repaired And in their husband’s pious duty shared. Free from blemish, impurity, or stain, They, by their love alone, his grace did gain. The brahman’s owned their sin, and did repent, And did for their own foolish pride lament. They praised their women folk for piety, And found again their old simplicity, But fearing Kamsa’s tyrannical sway, Within their own confines were forced to stay. Then Ram and Krishna, with their comrades dear, Partook those rice and dainties with good cheer.
  3. Now Krishna came down to the river’s brink, So that the cows might of the water drink, A where they found a cool pellucid rill, Krishna and his dear friends all drank their fill. Thereafter, as they strayed far from the track, The rage of hunger did the boys attack; With plaintive tones they sought the brothers twain, “O Rama, you who mighty demons tame! O Krishna, you who foul monsters destroy! The pangs of hunger gives us much annoy; Dear lord, we are your friends and devotees, Wherefore it does behoove you to appease Our appetite, O you of lotus eyes.” To his dear friends Govinda thus replies, For food and drink to save their weary lives, And musing how to bless some brahmans’ wives; “Not far from here, dear friends, there is a place, Where pious brahmans offer sacrifice. Go there to them, and stand with folded palms, And in my brother’s name, and mine, beg alms.” So by Krishna’s direction they were sent, And to the sacrificial campus went, And said, “Hail noble brahmans of high birth, We bow to you, who are like gods on earth; Know us to be cowherders come to you, Rama and Krishna’s orders to ensue. Herding the kine, we have from home come far, And now we are afflicted with hunger, And pray you, if it be both right and good, You give to us some portion of your food.” The sacerdotal priests their pride display, And heeding naught, said neither yea or nay. The boys were disappointed and depressed, Their steps back to Krishna presence addressed. Where Krishna told them to approach once more, But this time of their wives for food implore, “When you unto those chaste wives shall proclaim, My elder brother’s, and my own good name, Those pious ladies, who hold me most dear, Since they my deeds are always wont to hear, Accordingly will give, as you desire, Whatever rice and dainties you require.” Thus, by his rede, they understood the gist, That sometimes a poor beggar must persist.
  4. Thus when this speech the cowherd maidens heard, They stood shamefast, with indignation stirred, And answering his doctrine, thus replied, “O son of Nanda, O thou lotus-eyed! It ill beseems your worthy dignity, Of pious vows to mar the sanctity; As noble Nanda’s son you are our prince, How is it you have lost your righteous sense? We are your handmaids, ready to fulfill What you command, and carry out your will, But give us back our garments, we implore! That we in order laid upon the shore; And if you don’t return to us our weeds, We’ll tell the king, your father, of your deeds!” The maidens in the chilly water stayed, But smiles and looks their secret love betrayed, And unto them Govinda, smiling, said, “Well if you be my hand maids, as ye say, You should, methinks, in this my will obey; Come forth with folded palms, prostration make, And then you may your silken garments take.” Enamored of his beauty and his charm, Which Love, the flower archer, would disarm, The cowherd maids with bashful glances came Forth, and did each her own silk garment claim; With descent modesty and pious haste, Their own garments on their bodies placed. And through their eyes they drew him to the heart, And fain would not from his dear presence part. When he perceived the ardour of their love, Krishna did all their fasts and vows approve, And promised that he would their faith requite, Upon some future fair bright moon lit night. Hearing his promise, merciful and kind, His handsome form impressed upon their mind, Reluctantly, they made their way back home, While Krishna with his friends, proceeded on. And when they came beneath the shady trees, Krishna addressed his friends in words like these: “O Subal, Amsu, Arjun, and the rest! Mark how the stately trees are highly blest. How, by their generosity, maintain Others, and offer shelter from the rain. On likewise human life is truly blest, By gifts and timely aid to the distressed.”
  5. Now in the season called by Hema’s name, A throng of tender cowherd maidens came, To worship Shiva’s consort, Parvati, Down by the bank of holy Kalindi. They set an image by the river’s brink, And offered scents, and lamps, nice food and drink, And to the mother goddess they all prayed, And on this wise their heart’s desire conveyed, “Hail holy mother goddess, Uma, hail! Great consort of the mighty lord of all! With folded palms we here before you stand, May Nanda’s son become our dear husband, O spouse of Shiva, this our only prayer, That Nanda’s son become our husband dear.” Thus when they did the great goddess implore, They rose, and laid their garments on the shore, Kalindi’s chilly waters entered in, And, naked, ‘gan to splash, frolick, and swim; They sang of Krishna’s marvels and his sports, And fancied they would soon be his consorts. Now on that day Haladhar stayed at home, And Krishna with his cowherd friends did roam, And came unto Kalindi’s shelving shore; He, round his neck a flower garland wore, And on his head a peacock feather bore; And as down by the river bank he strayed, Beheld those garments, in due order laid. The garments, Krishna, o’er his shoulder flung, And clomb a leafy tree, whereon he hung The cowherd maiden’s costly silk sarees, And left them there to wonton in the breeze. Govinda then addressed a lofty speech, The essence of self sacrifice to teach, “O pious virgins! Who have for my sake Made holy vows, come now, your garments take; I jest not, no, nor am I being rude, But since I see that you are bathing nude, Must expiate the sin you have incurred, So I from scripture and wise men have heard; Forgather now, with palms together pressed, The guilt abates when guilt has been confessed. I speak the truth, nor never would I lie, These comrades here my honour testify. With smiles approach, I shall not you deceive, That each may her own silk garment receive.”
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