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Found 4 results

  1. Vrindavan, 2014.11.26 (VT): mai ri shaj jori pragat bhai ju rang ki gaur shyam ghan damin jaisen… pratham hun huti abu bun aagen hun rahihai na tarihai taisain… an gang ki ujraii sugharaii chaturaii sunderta aisan… shri haridas ke swami Shyama Kunjbihari sam vais vaisain.. The devotees were joyfully singing this bhajan while celebrating the appearance day of Thakur Banke Bihari ji Maharaj. The festival was celebrated on Bihar Panchami. Many religious ceremonies were conducted on this occasion. A special mangal badhai gayan and samaj was organized in Nidhivan. The whole of Vrindavan was in a celebration mood on the appearance day of their adored Lord. Devotees everywhere were heard calling out “Banke Bihari ji Maharaj ki jai.” The celebrations began in early morning in Nidhivan where Banke Bihari first appeared, pleased by the devotion of Swami Haridas. The entire premises of Nidhivan as well as the Banke Bihari mandir and its surrounding were decorated with flowers, flags, festoons, balloons and lights. The mahabhishek was performed at the appearance place in Nidhivan at 5 am, where a ceremonial bath was given to the footprints (charan) of Banke Bihari ji with milk, ghee, curd, honey, sugar etc. The ceremonial mahabhishek was performed by Bhikki Goswami, Bacchu Goswami, Rohit Goswami and others. In the temple, the mahabhishek was performed at 7 am in full view of the devotees. The perfumes of hina, rose and kesar were sprayed in the temple and the deity of Bihari ji was dressed with special saffron clothes with work of silver and jewels. A maha-arati was also performed following the bathing ritual. A grand procession (badhai shobha yatra) was taken out from Nidhivan. The procession consisted of several brass bands, other musical performing groups, decorated horses, high flags and kirtan groups. It was headed by decorated chariots carrying the images of Swami Haridas ji and Radha Krishna sitting on his lap. Saints from different akharas walked with the procession carrying the respective signs belonging to their akhara. The dandia dance of the women devotees was the center of attraction. The women devotees were dancing and singing badhai. A rope was encircled with sticks around the group of women devotees who were performing the dandia dance so that street traffic would not disturb it. The procession passed through the main bazaars of Vrindavan to reach the Banke Bihari temple at 1 p.m by the time of Rajbhog at noon. The Goswamis welcomed the procession on reaching the temple. The image of Swami ji was taken inside the temple and then Rajbhog was offered to Bihari ji. Devotees believe that Bihari ji enjoys the prasadam offered by Swami Haridas ji with his own hands, sitting on his lap on this day. After Rajbhog aarti, at the end of the celebrations, the Prasad was distributed among the devotees.
  2. Vrindavan, 2014.11.14 (VT): Four Goswamis of the Banke Bihari Mandir will perform rituals and worship for the President of India, Shri Pranab Mukherjee. The list of the names of the Goswamis has been sent to the District Administration. Manu Goswami, Anuj Goswami, Pradeep Goswami, Bal Krishna Goswami will be present in the temple during the visit of the President. They will help the president to perform puja of Thakur Shri Banke Bihari in the sanctum sanctorum. Anuj Goswami, a hardware engineer by profession, has come from America to perform seva to Thakur Banke Bihari ji. According to him, he comes to Vrindavan once a year when their turn comes for seva in the temple. “But this time I was overjoyed to hear that the president of India would visit the Banke Bihari temple during our seva.” He added that he was proud that it was a matter of great pride that the county’s first citizen’s would visit Vrindavan during his family’s seva. Manu Goswami concurred with Anuj that not every Goswami gets a chance to perform puja for the president. “Our pleasure will be doubled up when we worship our adored in front of the President of our country”, said Manu, who works as an engineer in the Motherson company in Faridabad. “Special Shringar (decoration) of Banke Bihari ji will be done on this occasion. We shall give the anga-vastra and prasad to the president after the puja,” added Goswamiji. Pradeep Goswami was also enthusiastic about the president’s visit. He said that he had administered the ritual during the visit of the then Vice-President on decade back. It will be a pleasant experience helping the President to perform puja during his visit.
  3. Vrindavan, October 11th 2014: The entire vicinity of the Banke Bihari temple was swarmed by personnel of the Anti-bomb Squad on Friday. The police blocked the entrance of the temple and its parikrama and began checking in and around the temple. The internal roads were also checked by the police team. The operation went for almost ninety minutes. Though nothing suspicious was found, the intense checking operation resulted in panic and anxiety among local residents. SSP Manjil Saini has directed the team to do intense checking in a precautionary measure during the festive season. Recently, a terrorist was nabbed in a neighboring district, which prompted the police officials to escalate the vigil in the temples of Vrindavan, which are visited by a big number of tourists in the weekends and the holidays. Team heads Virendra Singh and Udaiveer Singh organized the checking of the devotees with modern equipment. They said information was also taken from the temple management on the temple schedule and its security measures. Technical experts Ramesh and Vinay Pachauri were also present during the operation. Top brass police officers of Mathura police have also claimed that in the last few months the police have beefed up their efforts to ensure that the temple premises are safe. Tightening security, conducting regular reviews of the security and holding secret tests are some of them. Beside, several mock drills have been conducted by the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) in and around the temple premises of Mathura and Vrindavan. The Banke Bihari, Iskcon, and Prem Mandir temples attract the biggest crowds in Vrindavan. Although the proper checking is conducted in Prem Mandir and Iskcon, the Banke Bihari temple lags in the checking of the visitors.
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