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"Вопросы-Ответы", Выпуск #92 - Василий Тушкин отвечает на ваши вопросы

Germany: December 12, 2001 (am)
First lecture of the winter tour
Tridandisvami Shri Shrimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Maharaj

I offer millions and millions of heartfelt dandavat pranati, obeisances, unto the lotus feet of my spiritual master, nitya-lila-pravista om visnupada Shri Shrimad Bhakti Prajnana Kesava Gosvami Maharaj, and unto my siksa-guru, nitya-lila-pravista om visnupada Shri Shrimad Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj.

My siksa-guru, Shrila Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaj, forcibly dragged me to the Western countries. It is only by his mercy that I am going everywhere in the world. So many are hearing from me, only due to him. He especially ordered me, in his last days, to help his disciples and devotees, because he knew they would become very weak. He knew they would give up the mission and object of life that was preached by him.

2021-11-27 Krishna-katha Hari-katha! हिंदी अनुवाद के साथ

By Shri Shrimad Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaj

[In 2001, Shrila Bhaktivedanta Narayana Gosvami Maharaj dictated this presentation in Hindi for Parama-pujyapada Shrila Bhakti Pramoda Puri Gosvami Maharaj's disappearnce day, and it was translated by Shripad Madhava-priya brahmacari.]

All glories to Shri Shri Guru and Gauranga

The following is a holy heartfelt offering (puspanjali) at the lotus feet of Parampujyapada astottara-sata Shri Shrimad Bhakti Pramoda Puri Gosvami Maharaj in his divine remembrance:

In November of 1946, I left my home and came to Shri Devananda Gaudiya Matha in Shri Dhama Navadvipa. After a short time, in 1947, at the end of Shri Navadvipa Dhama Parikrama, which was held on the occasion of the divine appearance of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, I took shelter at the lotus feet of my most beloved om visnupada astottara-sata Shri Shrimad Bhakti Prajnana Kesava Gosvami Maharaj. He made my life successful by initiating me with harinama and diksa initiations. After celebrating the holy festival of Gaura Purnima and Shri Dhama Parikrama, I accompanied Gurudeva to one of the branches of Shri Gaudiya Vedanta Samiti, namely Shri Uddharana Gaudiya Matha in Chinchurah.

Read more: https://www.a108.net/blogs/entry/38069-the-disappearance-day-of-shrila-bhakti-pramoda-puri-gosvami-maharaj/

Shrila Premgopal Goswami

Prabhupad Shrila Premgopal Goswami, kirtan in Radha kunda.29.10.2021

Binodji was found in the river Padma by a man named Vancharam, the manager of the Tarash estate (in present-day Bangladesh). As he was taking his morning bath, he heard a voice saying, "Take me out of the water and bring me home!" Vancharam said, "Who are you? Where are you?" He looked around to see if perhaps a child had fallen into the water. Then he felt a hand tugging at his leg. He reached down and grabbed the hand, and pulled out the deity of Binod Ji. As he spontaneously hugged the Deity to his chest the ashta-sattvika vikar (like trembling, horripolation, etc.) appeared on his body. Dr. Kapoor writes, "Binod Ji alone knows how long and how intensely he had cherished the desire to be hugged by this devotee and to bathe in his tears of joy and love. He did not even hesitate to touch his feet for its fulfillment! Nothing is strange for him, for he is the Lord of Love." Vancharam took Binod Ji home and began to serve him with great care and love. Binod Ji was very demanding. Whenever he wanted something he would come to Vancharam in his dreams to tell him about it.

Video - Nityananda vamsha in Govardhan parikrama, 1.11.2021

Rasa-lila : Раса-лила

Prabhupad Shrila Premgopal Goswami, 30.10.2021 kirtan in Radha kunda

Prabhupad Shrila Premgopal Goswami, kirtan in Radha kunda, 27.10.2021

Video - Pran Krishna das babaji & Prabhupad Shrila Premgopal Goswami, Radha-kunda, Govardhan, 27.10.2021

How to have faith in Kṛṣṇa's protection - 2021-10-18

The Pastime Of The Stolen Ring

Pran Krishna das babaji, 3.10.2021, Radha kunda, Govardhan

Atma-Tattva part 1 - 2021-07-22 - Sri Prem Prayojan

Atma-Tattva part 2 - 2021-07-23 - Sri Prem Prayojan

विनय पत्रिका || पद संख्या - 256 {Rishikesh Geeta Bhawan } #Vinay #Patrika #2021

2021-09-05 - ШБ 10.51.53 - Почему мы приходим к духовной жизни

Prabhupad Premgopal Goswami, Govardhan parikrama 21.09.2021

Glimpses into the heart of Srimati Radharani (part 3)

You Cannot Challenge God and Know Him at the Same Time

Mahanidhi Swami

29/06/2021, Встреча с Радхарани Менкибаевой, Природа души, Александр Хакимов, Алматы

Appearance of Lord Balarama - 2021-08-22 - Sri Prem Prayojan

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