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Krishna das

Krishna das (born Jeffrey Kagel; May 31, 1947, New York) is an American vocalist known for his performances of Hindu devotional music known as kirtan (chanting the names of God). In August 1970 Jeffrey traveled to India where he became a devotee of the Hindu guru Neem Karoli Baba (maharaj-ji, devotee of the Hindu deity Hanuman) who gave him the spiritual initiation and the name Krishna das, which means the servant of Krishna. Krishna das has for many years studied the Buddhist meditation and the Vaishnava practice of bhakti-yoga. He has released fourteen albums since 1996. He performed at the 2013 Grammy Awards, where his album Live Ananda (2012) was nominated for the 2013 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album. Krishna das's albums contain Hindu bhajans and kirtans of famous mantras, such as Hare Krishna and Om Namah Sivaya. Krishna Das travels extensively, performing concerts and engaged in teaching activities.
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