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Prem Prayojan das

Prem Prayojan das (born 1969 U.K.) is a teacher specializing in the tradition of Bhakti Yoga - the yoga of devotion. With over twenty-five years experience, Prem Prayojan das has translated and published several Sanskrit classics, such as Brahma Samhita and Gita Govinda, along with medieval and contemporary commentaries by his divine preceptors. He is currently residing and teaching Vedic subjects to an international group of students at the Ananda Dham ashram in Vrndavan, India. Along with academic research, he stresses the importance of daily devotional practices, and also guides pilgrims on annual tours to the most important sites of historical, cultural and religious significance in the Himalayas and throughout the Indian subcontinent. Due to high demand, he has circled the planet 23 times on his intensive international seminar tours. When asked about the secret of his success, Prem Prayojan das lays all credit at the feet of his illustrious teachers, the late Shrila Gaura Govinda Swami and Shrila Bhakti Vedanta Narayana Gosvami, whose unconditional affection and diligent endeavors have crafted a unique gift for the benefit of the whole world.
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