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Shrila Vinod Bihari Das Babaji

Shrila Vinod Bihari Das Babaji is a Gaudiya-vaisnava saint. After blessing various cities of India, babaji finally has taken shelter under the divine service of Radharani in his ashram named Priya-kunj ashram in Peelipokher, Varshana, since 2006. Babaji is the true example of mercy that the Supreme Lord possesses and is sure to be present in the exalted devotees of Lord, like babaji is. If you want to see someone with extraordinary attraction, love, sweetness and yet, extraordinary humbleness, babaji is the true destination. Babaji is someone who will shower an ocean of mercy on you even if he don not know you. Just like Shrimati Radhika, he would not see whether you deserve it or not, he would anyhow love you unconditionally.
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