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Art of Sadhana

His Divine Grace Shrila Bhakti Pramode Puri Goswami Maharaj appeared on this earth at Ganganandapur village, Jessore district, presently named Bangaladesh on the 18th of October, 1898. Since his appearance he exhibited spontaneous attraction for the Supreme Personality of Godhead Lord Shri Krishna. His father name was Tarini Charan Chakraborty and mother name was Ramrangini Devi. He appeared in a strict Brahmin family and started to follow the path of devotion as a young child by the influence of his neighbor Bhakti Ratna Thakur, the Godbrother of Shrila Sacchidananda Bhakti Vinode Thakur. As per the instruction of Shrila Bhakti Ratna Thakur he worshiped Shri Shri Radha Madan Mohan and was encouraged to take shelter from the founder president of all Gaudiya Maths and branches around the world, His Divine Grace, Shrila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Goswami Thakur Prabhupada. Read more
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