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Saints, Goswamis and devotees concerned over losing natural ethos of Seva Kunj




blog-0857228001429726502.jpgVrindavan, April 21, 2015: The restoration of ‘Seva Kunj’ got disputed when the Goswamis of the temple shrine charged serious allegation against the organization which undertook the restoration work there.

Several people including the Goswamis of Seva Kunj, saints, Brahmins and the local residents gathered in the shrine on Sunday to oppose the restoration work of ‘the Braj Foundation’. Shri Bhagwat Sharan Gautam who presided over the meeting claimed that the NGO had done severe harm to the original ethos of the shrine grove. “The original swaroop is lost as the whole of the grove is now covered with the metal net. It looks like a modern garden rather than an ancient grove,” said Pradyumna Pratap Maharaj of the Meera Bai Temple.

According to the speakers who participated in the protest, the NGO didn’t work in coordination with the management of the temple. It implemented the project arbitrarily which resulted in the loss of the green patches for which the grove was known. The Goswamis also alleged that the restoration project took more time to be completed than it was agreed initially. The devotees had to suffer during the implementation of the restoration work.

They alleged that the NGO not only challenged the natural ethos of the temple grove, but compromised with the sanctity of the temple campus. Many of its workers wore shoes in the temple campus and spitted gutka and paan on the wall of grove which is considered as sacred.

Pt. Bihari Lal Bashishtha said, “They could have adjusted the restoration designs without harming the natural ambience. But they chose to go ahead with the construction work instead of planting new trees and helping the old groves to prosper.”

“Many trees have already been destroyed. The ancient look of the grove has already been finished. It will take many years to revive the original swaroop. We shall do our best to revive it,” said Sevait Prem Kumar Goswami.

They also blamed the NGO for not following the terms and conditions of the actual agreement to implement the restoration project. Sevaits and the devotees were also disappointed with the NGO for inviting the high profile dignitaries without their consent for ‘the handing over ceremony’ after the restoration is completed.

Sevait Prem Kumar Goswami, Dr. Puneet Goswami, Rajeev Goswami, Sunil Goswami, Sanjeev Goswami, Chandan Goswami, Hitendra Goswami, Anil, Pt. Biharilal Vashishtha, Mahant Sacchindananda Maharaj, Mahant Narayan Das, Pradyumna Pratap Singh, Dr. Om ji, Vishnu Prasad Sharma, Dr. Laxmi Gautam, Vishnu Prasad Sharma, Vinay Gopal Goswami, Ram Baby Sharma, Anand Gopal, Rakesh Pandit, Sanjay Gautam, Keshav Dev Chaturvedi, Acharya Shri Hari Sharma, Acharya Ramesh Chandra Vidhi Shashtri, Radha Raman Gautam, Girdhar Kishor etc. were present there.



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