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Saints Show the Path of Spiritual Perfection




blog-0601197001428512648.jpgVrindavan, April 7th 2015: As a part of the celebration of the appearance day of Saint Maluk Das, a scholars’ convention was held at Maluk Peeth on Monday. Several spiritual leaders attended the convention, which was inaugurated by the current Mahant Shri Rajendra Das Devacharya.

Speaking at the convention Karshni Guru Sharananda, said, “Maluk Das ji inspired all of us to have faith on Shri Hari. The saints take birth to look after the welfare of the world by propagating the message of the Lord.”

Swami Ramdevananda and Jagadananda Maharaj said, “there are many types of people in the world. Everyone is living in misery. But if the devotees of the Lord Hari are in problem, He takes birth to protect them.”

Mahant Fuldol Bihari Das said, “Lord Krishna sends the saints like Maluk Das ji and Rajendra Das Devacharya to this world to show the path of spiritual perfection.”

On this occasion Guru Sharananda released a book named 'Paramarth ke patra pushp'.

Raja Ram Mishra, Bihari Lal Bashishtha, Saint Raja Baba, Kishori Raman Acharya, Rasiya Baba, Acharya Badrish, Ram Gopal, Ram ji Das Maharaj, Ram Pravesh Das, Swami Aniruddhacharya Maharaj, Madan Mohan Das Maharaj, Vasant Sahashri, Abhiram Das Maharaj, Swami Haribol Maharaj, Ful dol Bihari Das ji Maharaj also addressed the convention.



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