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Bhakti is eternal love for love’s sake: Malukpeethadhishwar




blog-0683505001428175238.jpgVrindavan, April 4th 2015: “Bhakti is spontaneous attachment to God. The devotee is entirely possessed by Him. He is absorbed in the God. Bhakti is the supreme stage of love towards the God. It is the slender thread of Love that binds the heart of a devotee with Super soul. When a devotee attains bhakti, he forgets the three worlds and only thinks about the supreme.

Thus he doesn’t have any worries,” said Maluk Peethadhishwar Mahant Rajendra Das ji. Maharaj ji was giving discourse at Maluk Peeth on the occasion of the 441st birth anniversary of Jagatguru Maluk Das ji Maharaj.

Elaborating further on Bhakti, Maharaj ji said, “Bhakti is the eternal love for love’s sake. It has to be sincerely experienced by a devotee with higher emotion and sublime sentiments. This divine experience unites the devotee with the Lord. Divine love is infinite, pure, all pervading and everlasting. Thus the relationship between God and a devotee is also everlasting.”

Baba Dina Bandhu Das focused on the life of Maluk Das ji Maharaj. He said, “Maharaj ji had deep faith in the Divine. He believed in complete surrender on the lotus feet of the Lord. We should celebrate his appearance day every year, which gives us an opportunity to discuss his teachings. He gave a new direction to the devotion, which is being practiced by the present acharya and his followers.”

Mahant Fuldol Bihari Das, Dinabandhu Das, Ganga Das, Rasik Das and many other saints and devotees were present while Rajendra Das ji Maharaj was giving discourse on Bhakti.



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