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We want Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra to be held in a constrained manner




LzipeXeqogetLKY-800x450-noPad.jpgRatha Jatra also referred to as Ratha Yatra or Chariot festival, is any public procession in a chariot. The term particularly refers to the annual Rathajatra in Odisha, Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and other East Indian states, particularly the Odia festival that involve a public procession with a chariot with deities Jagannath (Vishnu avatar), Balabhadra (his brother), Subhadra (his sister) and Sudarshana Chakra (his weapon) on a ratha, a wooden deula-shaped chariot. It attracts over a million Hindu pilgrims who join the procession each year.

This year Honorable Supreme Court of India has asked to cancel Rath Yatra that was scheduled to happen on 23rd June. As per rules & rituals, once cancelled Rath Yatra cannot be held for the next 12 Years. 

We understand in the current situation with COVID, this is a thoughtful decision however we the devotees of the Lord request to have the festival carried out in a restrained manner wherein no public are allowed on the Grand Road and only Police and CRPF are to pull the chariot from source to destination. We are also fine not to have the 11 days of Yatra and all the worshipping and rituals to be held within a close group of Daitapatis and Pandas. 

Request to sign this petition and make the Chariot Festival happen but in a real close and constrained manner. We as public assure of all co-operation and will stay away from crowding and fanfare. 

Jai Jagannath Swamy, Nayana Patha Gaami, Bhabah Tume !!!

Sign the petition here



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