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Vrindavan-Mathura Merger Stopped




blog-0380432001416173677.jpgMathura, 2014.11.15 (VT): All the exercise to merge Vrindavan in Mathura to form the Mathura Municipal Corporation seems to have gone in vain. Vrindavan may not be merged in Mathura anymore. The Government has sought the proposal to upgrade Vrindavan into the ‘A grade’ Municipality.

The leader of the congress legislative party and the local member of the legislative assembly from Mathura Pradeep Mathur updated the Urban Development Minister Azam Khan about the objections being raised by the Vrindavan residents to merge it with Mathura.

Mr. Mathur was supposed to put the proposal in Vidhan Sabha, but the minister accepted the proposal of upgrading the status of Vrindavan Municipality, therefore it was not necessary for him to table it in the Vidhan Sabha.

The plan to merge the two twin cities were being planned for last four years. But many of the residents of Vrindavan were opposing the idea, as it was a threat for the religious nature of this pilgrimage town. The devotees were afraid if the merger is allowed then the alcohol and meat will be sold openly in this religious town.

The Mathura Municipal Board has also passed the resolution to keep the status quo for the municipality till the end of its tenure. Two years and ten months are left to complete the tenure of the Mathura Municipal Board. The board’s decision was conveyed to the government.

Due to uproar in the Vidhan Sabha on some issue, Mathur couldn’t table it with the speaker. But he managed to meet the Urban Development Minister Azam Khan in his chamber to brief him about the discontentment among the Vrindavan residents. He suggested that the status of the Vrindavan Municipality, which is presently a B grade Municipality, could be upgraded to A grade. It was reported that the minister has given green signal for the A grade Municipality for Vrindavan and the Municipal Corporation status for Mathura. He has sought the proposal afresh from the District Administration.

One lakh population required for the A grade Municipality

A population of one lakh is required to upgrade the Vrindavan Municipality. The current voting population of Vrindavan is sixty thousand only. The Vrindavan Municipality needs to expand its boundaries to meet the population requirement must for upgrading its status. Several villages which were earlier proposed to be merged in the Mathura Municipal Corporation will now be included in the Vrindavan Municipality. The villages of Chhatikara, Sunrakh, Akrur, Burja, Tehra etc. will be included in Vrindavan Municipality. New colonies and housing complexes have come up in many villages. No municipal facilities were availed in those colonies, which prompted the residents of these colonies to support the merger idea. But with the new option has brought relief for both the residents of those colonies and those who didn’t want to see the merger of Vrindavan in Mathura.

Five lakh population required for the Muncipal Corporation

Mathura has to find two lakh more population to get it declared as the Nagar Nigam. After the exclusion of Vrindavan from the Plan, it has to include the villages of Goverdhan and Baldeo, which seems to be a difficult task for the Mathura District Administration. The consent of the village panchayats will be necessary and the special laws entertained by the villages may become a problem to form a Municipal Corporation. Moreover the villages being suggested are far from Mathura. The villages adjoining to Vrindavan will not be included in the Mathura Municipal Corporation, as it was planned earlier. They will be merged in Vrindavan Municipality.



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