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Illegal Liquor and Other Intoxicants Seized in Vrindavan




blog-0932844001415973281.jpgVrindavan, 2014.11.13 (VT): In a joint operation, police teams from Maant, Surir and Vrindavan seized 20 kg of ganja, 15 boxes of wine and 4 lakh 62 thousand cash from a house in Gaura Nagar Colony. They arrested four persons including a woman. The head of the gang managed to escape, however. The police is currently interrogating the people who were arrested.

The Maant police caught a person named Ravi at the Daangloi crossing. He was found to be in possession of 400 gm ganja. The police brought him to the Maant police station where he was interrogated and revealed that he had obtained it from Vrindavan.

Maant station officer Avdhesh Tripathi informed Shagun Gautam (SP-rural) about it, who in turn informed SP-city Manoj Sonkar and SP-crime Ashok Kumar Rai about the illegal sale of the intoxicants in Vrindavan. Then a police team from the three police stations jointly raided the house of Rakesh Yadav in Gaura Nagar Colony of Vrindavan. They arrested Yadav and his wife Sudha. The police also arrested Sunny, a resident of Kishor Pura, from Rangji’s bagicha. All were taken to the Maant police station where they were interrogated in length.

The gang leader named Manoj who is running this illegal business in Vrindavan managed to abscond, however. The police is on the lookout for the others involved in this business.

The Station Officer Maant claims only 13 kg ganja, 12 boxes of wine and Rs. 200 were recovered from the spot.

While Vrindavan has been declared a dry area where the sale of the liquor is prohibited, consumption of illegal wine and intoxicants is on the rise. The excise department has not given any license to open a wine shop in Vrindavan, but alcohol is smuggled into Vrindavan from Haryana and Rajasthan. Consumers do not find it difficult to get access to liquor, which is mostly sold in the slum areas of Vrindavan.

Residents have been complaining about the illegal sale of liquor, but no action is being taken. People allege that the wine mafias are bribing the police to turn a blind eye to its operations.



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