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MLA Comes out in Opposition to Vrindavan-Mathura Merger




blog-0986221001415734790.jpgVrindavan, 2014.11.10 (VT): Although the proposed merger of Mathura and Vrindavan along with some other surrounding villages into one municipal corporation is pending with the government, those who oppose it are relieved to find allies in the Vidhan Sabha.

Feeling the mood of the Brajwasis, Pradeep Mathur, the local MLA, has decided to ask the Chief Minister not to include Vrindavan in the proposed Mathura Nagar Nigam. He opined that the villages of Gokul and Govardhan may be preferred over Vrindavan in order to attain the population requirements needed for legally forming a Municpal Corporation.

In a media brief, he said that he will recommend upgrading the status of the Vrindavan Municipality to Grade A. Currently Vrindavan Municipality comes under the B grade municipalities.

The saints, priests and the citizens expressed their contentment when they heard of Mathur’s stance. “We are happy that our local MLA has understood our concerns that merging Vrindavan in Mathura will hamper the religious significance of the land,” said Ful Dol Bihari Das, the Mahant of Chaitanya Kuti.

“It is the duty of the public representative to understand the mood of the people. We welcome his initiative in suggesting that the status of the Vrindavan Municipality be upgraded. We also want the facilities availed under the Municipal Corporation, but the merging of Vrindavan into Mathura will not be accepted at any cost,” he specified.

Acharya Badrish said that the government should feel the mood of the people. It shouldn’t go against their wishes. Vrindavan has become famous internationally by his religious nature. There shouldn’t be any compromise on changing its religious nature by merging it with Mathura, where wine and meat are openly sold.

Another saint, Swami Maheshanand Saraswati, also welcomed the MLA statement. He said that the MLA should act quickly on this issue. The merger of these twin towns should be put on the back burner. The Vrindavan Municipality should be empowered to take strong and independent decisions in implementing the garbage and traffic management schemes.

The Braj-Vrindavan Heritage Alliance, which was first to oppose the merger plan, has kept silence on the statement. Madhumangal Shukla, the convener of the BVHA has said to the Vrindavan Today that the group will soon meet and is yet to take a stand on the MLA’s statement.

“My personal opinion is that including Goverdhan and Gokul in the Nagar Nigam will also be disastrous. Urban development of a mega-city will simply kill the ecological and religious instinct of Vraja Bhoomi as an entity,” he said.



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