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blog-0525355001414356356.jpganudinam ati-raṅgaiḥ prema-mattāli-saṅghair

vara-sarasija-gandhair hāri-vāri-prapūrṇe

viharata iha yasmin dam-patī tau pramattau

tad ati-surabhi rādhā-kuṇḍam evāśrayo me

That very beautiful and fragrant Radha Kund, in whose water filled with nicely smelling lotus flowers, Radha and Krishna daily sport in loving intoxication along with their girlfriends, who are in a similar loving frenzy – this Radha Kund is my only shelter!

Stavāmṛta Kaṇā Vyākhyā by Radha Kund Mahant Pandit Ananta Das Babaji Maharaj: By the grace of Shri Kuṇḍeśvarī, Kuṇḍāśrayī Shripada Raghunath perceives the water sports of the Twin Divinities in Radha Kund and he describes them here in this final verse of the Radhakuṇḍāṣṭakam.

yei kuṇḍe nitya kṛṣṇa rādhikāra saṅge;

jale jalakeli kore – tīre rāsa raṅge

“In the water of this (Radha) Kund, Krishna eternally performs water sports with Radhika or dances the Rāsa on its banks.” (C.C.)

śrī rādheva hares tadīya-sarasī preṣṭhādbhutaiḥ svair guṇair

yasyāṁ śrī-yukta-mādhavendur aniśaṁ prītyā tayā krīḍati

“Because of its own qualities this lake is as dear to Hari as Shri Radha herself is. Here the beautiful moon-like Madhava always lovingly plays with her.” (Govinda-līlāmṛta 7.102)

In this transcendental vision Shri Raghunath sees that Radha and Madhava have become tired of their midday-sports such as touring the forest, drinking honey wine and making love. Thus they enter into the water of Shri Radha Kund to play there with their girlfriends like a king of elephants with its she-elephants.

When Krishna and the gopīs enter into the water, holding hands, they look like a golden net (the gopīs) radiating moonbeams (their radiant smiles) surrounding a monsoon cloud (Krishna). The most amazing thing is though that the rain cloud itself is sprinkled by the golden net (with Radha Kund water) although a cloud usually sprinkles water itself.

The gopīs gently sprinkle Krishna with small handfuls of water and Krishna blissfully protects his eyes with his hands. Then, when Shri Krishna forcefully splashes the beautiful gopīs in return they all become physically agitated. Only their moon like faces do not wilt because of their great ecstasy.

Now Radha and Krishna begin to play in the water. The loser of this water splashing game must give a prize to the winner. Kundalata is the referee. Shri Radha first splashes Krishna. How sweetly her jewelled bangles jingle around her lotus whorl-like hands! It is as if Cupid wants to defeat Krishna with his water missile! It has become intolerable for Krishna! How beautiful Shrimati looks when she throws the water! Shyam and the sakhis swim in this ocean of beauty. The water Shrimati throws at her Prāṇanātha brightly shimmers on his chest. His garland of divine forest flowers loosens and his big vine like necklace falls off. Only the powerful Kaustubha-gem is able to tolerate this stream of water without agitation and it remains on Priyatama’s body.After this Shri Krishna says: “Priyatame! Now you tolerate this!”

He blissfully starts splashing Preyasī’s lotus like face with enchanting streams of water. Tulasi watches on the bank of the kuṇḍa how Radha and Shyam are having a huge fight in the water. Tender hearted Swamini thinks that her prāṇanātha, who is dearer to her than millions of her life-airs, will suffer too much if she splashes in his eyes, so she doesn’t do that, but Shyam, desiring victory, does splash Shrimati’s eyes again and again.

The premavatī-sakhis forbid Shyam again and again to throw water at her eyes, but Shyam does not listen. Swamini becomes mad from his expert splashing, although she is normally so grave and she backs away. Shyam loudly laughs, claps his hands and says: “You’re defeated! You’re vanquished! Give me my prize! I’m the victor!”

How beautiful are Swamini’s eyes and face when Shyam holds her around the neck! How many hundreds of waves of ecstatic love are there in this ocean of beauty! The fish like eyes of Shyamasundar, the sakhis and manjaris are swimming in this ocean of beauty!

Then, when Shyam has collected his prize, Swamini dives under water and swims to a patch of golden lotus flowers, feeling ashamed before her girlfriends. Her lotus like face on her deha-mṛṇāla, lotus stem-like body, mixes with the golden lotus flowers (in the kuṇḍa).

The sakhis tell Shyam: “What have you done to our sakhī? Quickly go and look for her!” But Shyamasundar can’t find Shrimati anywhere. Finally he notices many bees becoming attracted to the extraordinary fragrance of Ishwari’s face. They abandon a cluster of lotus flowers and they are madly flying towards the cluster of golden lotus flowers where she’s hiding, so He goes there and catches Shrimati. The sakhis go there too.

Then Madhusudan forcibly begins to drink the honey from the lotus like mouths of Shri Radha-padminī and her sakhis, who are maddened by prema in the lotus scented water.

Of some sakhis he removes the jewell\ed ornaments. Soon some sakhis loudly exclaim, “My necklace is gone!”; some say, “My locket is gone!” and some cry out, “Where have my waistbells gone?” Krishna then removes the veils and blouses of some of the sakhis in order to behold their indescribable sweetness.

Seeing the different erotic water sports of Shri Shri Radha Madhava, who are maddened by their own pastimes, Tulasi Manjari and the other kiṅkarīs are beside themselves in transcendental bliss.

After the watersports the Navīna-Yugala comes back to the shore with their sakhis and there the kiṅkarīs anoint and massage Them with oil, bathe them once more and dress them in the nikuñja-mandira with a variety of wonderful garments and ornaments.

After remembering his vision of this pastime Shri Raghunath ends this Kuṇḍāṣṭakam by saying:

padma-gandhe suvāsita rādhākuṇḍa jale;

vihare pramatta hoiyā dampati yugale

prema mattā sakhīgaṇa yugalera saṅge;

sarovare kore keli nava rasa raṅge

manojña se rādhākuṇḍe ekānta prārthanā;

āmāra āśraya hon kori e kāmanā

“The loving Couple madly plays ever-fresh watersports in the lotus-scented water of Radha Kund with their equally love-intoxicated sakhis. My sole prayer to this beautiful Radha Kund is: May it be my sanctuary! This is my desire!”



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