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Lord Vardaraja took bath with 108 silver pots of water




01vbn05.jpgVrindavan, 2017.07.02 (VT): The ritual of ‘Mahabhishekam’ with 108 silver pots of water was performed in the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord Varadraja Temple on Saturday, during the anniversary of the consecration of the temple.

Priests from South India performed the Mahabhishekam under the aegis of Swami Jai Krishnacharya. The Abhishekam continued for two hours, during which the Lord was bathed with panchamrita, herbs, panchagavya, fruit juice and other items.

The entire temple campus echoed with Vedic chants during the ceremony. Devotees were excited and blissful to have darshan of Lord Vardaraja’s divine bathing ritual with 108 silver pots.

Magnificent celebrations were held at Bada Khatla on the anniversary of its consecration. The temple was decorated with fragrant flowers; walls were adorned with pictures and montages of Krishna’s pastimes, and the altar was resplendent with exotic flower arrangementa and decorations.

Celebrations included a large number of transcendental activities which included a homa, readings from religious texts including the Vedas, Prabandhas, Geeta Bhashya, Alvandar strotra and so forth. Discourses on  religious texts were also given by special guest speakers.

All attendees felt the atmosphere of bhakti, rejuvenation of their faith and bliss through participating in the event. The prominent devotional singers Chitra Vichitra mesmerized the devotees with melodious bhajans in the evening.

The Lord Vardaraja Temple of Bada Khatla is situated near the Katyayani Temple and Rangji’s bada bagicha in Vrindavan.




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