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Saints and Brajwasis Protest Mathura-Vrindavan Merger




Vrindavan, 2017.05.01 (AU, VT): A merger of the Vrindavan Municipality with Mathura seems imminent. But all over Vrindavan, Brajwasis are protesting against the merger.

On Sunday a major meeting was held at Sheelwali Kunj under the auspices of Mahant Vidyanand Ji Maharaj. A number of prominent sants and Brajwasis attended to denounce the municipal merger with a united voice.

Swami Chitt Prakashanand said, “Our own government wants to destroy our identity and culture. Vrindavan is absolutely unique and cannot be compared with any other place, including Mathura. The two cities can never be combined, just like oil cannot mix with water.

Another attendee, Saint Haribol Maharaj commented that, “No one has the power to take away Vrindavan’s identity. The Brajwasis are ready to go to any extent to protect Vrindavan.”

It was added that despite the holy nature of Mathura, it is not the same as Vrindavan even in Shri Krishna’s eyes, and combining the two towns is completely unacceptable from a spiritual and religious point of view. The government should consult the holy men of Vrindavan and understand their feelings before making such a monumental decision.

Acharya Mridulkant Shastri, Dr. Adityanand, Acharya Vishnukant Shastri, Sant Govindanand, Mahamandaleshwar Navalgiri, Gita Sharma, Govind Sharma, Bihari Pathak, Bantu Bhaiya, Sumit Gautam, Shivam Gautam, Hemant Bharti, Vishnu Sharma, Naveen Tentiwala and others were present at the meeting.

At the Shakkhar Sindhi Dharamshala, Nandkumar Pathak presided over a rally of Brajwasi Pandas against the combining of the two cities. The padadhikari of the sabha, Shri Ramnarayan Brajwasi, and Murarilal Thokdar said that if the government turns a blind eye to the Brajwasis’ request, then the Pandas of Braj are ready to take to the streets in protest. Another participant warned that the government is playing with the sentiments of the people of Vrindavan, and that if the two cities are merged without their consent, there will be an uprising.

Shri Giridhari Brajwasi, Yogendra Brajwasi, Govind Pachauri, Sureshchandra Sharma, Mahesh Bharadwaj, Mohan Lal Sharma, Sureshchandra Shukla, Kanhaiya Thokdar, Krishnamurari Sharma, Kaushal Kishor, Bihari Lal, Govardhan Brajwasi, Deepak Ghaatwala, Shekhar Mukhiya, Pappu Thokdar, and Shyambihari Ji were amongst those present.




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