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Brahmotsavam begins at Shri Goda Hardev Mandir in Vrindavan




Vrindavan, 2017.02.03 (V.T): The ten day long ‘Brahmotsavam’ began at Shri Goda Hardev Mandir on Thursday, with hoisting of the Sacred Garuda flag atop the golden Dhwajasthmbam (holy mast) inside the temple. The religious activities of the festival include the daily yajnas and processions for the utsava murti (movable deities) on different vahanas (vehicles) which are made of gold, silver, sandal wood etc.

At the appointed auspicious time, the flag was hoisted to the divine chanting sound of the Vedas accompanied by Nathaswaram music, drums and cymbals. The priests then invited all the sacred rivers, all the gods and goddesses and all the rishis and seers to come and witness and bless the occasion.

After the ceremony was over, the Lord was taken around on the procession. The Lord was beaming graciously upon the multitude of devotees thronging at His feet for darshan. The grandeur marked the procession on the first day of the ten days long annual Brahotsavam of Lord Venkateshwara.

Lord Vaikunthanath mounted on ‘Purna Kothi’ in the morning and the procession passed through different markets of the town where the devotees welcomed the God by offering bhog and performing aarati. The senior priests were walking before the chariot, whereas the Brahmins were walking behind the chariot chanting the Veda mantras.
Devotee made rangolis on the street through which the procession passed. The procession finally reached Gyan Gudri and stationed for an hour at the “Uddhav Gopi Samvad Sthal.’

The lord gave darshan to the devotees and then went back to the temple. In the evening the procession was taken out again, in which the lord mounted on a lion.
Swami Dev Narayan Acharya, the head priest of the temple said, “Bhagwan Venkateshwara will come out twice from the temple for nine days, mounting on different ‘vahans’ to give darshan to His beloved devotees.”

Acharya Naresh Naryan said, “The origin of this celebration began by Brahma, the creator God, who first conducted this festival to Sri Balaji at Tirupati. Brahma worshiped Sri Balaji on the banks of the holy Pushkarini.”





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