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Prabhupada’s Amazing Teachings about Karttik




In Karttika 1972, in his “eternal residence” at the Radha-Damodara Mandir, Srila Prabhupada had the most amazing conversation full of realizations and Vraja illuminations. Present there at that most auspicious time were his fortunate disciples Shyamasundara, Gurudasa, Hayagriva, and his gurubhai, Dr. O.B.L. Kapoor. We hope all our devoted friends will increase their understanding and love for Radha-Krishna, the Vrajavasis and Sridham Vrindavan by reading the following entries which we have categorized by topic.

The Vrajavasis

“The Vrajavasis prefer to die rather than give up their Krishna. Throughout India you’ll find that some of the lower castes—the shudras, or vaishyas, or harijans—will convert to Mohammedanism or Christianity, but in Vrindavan not even the shudra will give up Krishna, not even for all the gold in the world.”

“A devotee knows that this Vrindavan right here is Vrindavan. Even if the people living in Vrindavan do not appear to be very pious, they are most fortunate because they live in the land of Krishna. Jaya jaya vrindavana-vasi yata jana, all glories to all the inhabitants of Vrindavan ! It is not said that only the devotees here are glorified. Everyone! Even the pigs. It is more fortunate to be born in Vrindavan than in a rich or aristocratic family, because in the next life, one will go back to Godhead.”

Animals in Vrindavan

“No one born in Vrindavan is ordinary. It may not be very palatable to hear, but those who live in Vrindavan and commit sinful activities take birth as dogs, monkeys, and hogs here. In this way, by eating the dust of Vrindavan, they become purified, liberated.”

Disciple: “Gurudeva, how does one get these different bodies?”

“If a person in Vrindavan engages in too much sex indulgence, he will get the body of a dog, a monkey, a pigeon, or even the body of a tree. The pig body is there for one who overeats or eats prohibited food.”

Disciple: “Gurudeva, what about those guys down by the Yamuna that smoke ganja all day?”

In a very sweet, humorous way with a slight laugh, Srila Prabhupada replied: “They get hippy bodies with big beards and long hair. And they have to take birth in San Francisco, U.S.A.”

The Power of Vraja Vasa

“The effect of living in Vrindavan cannot be overestimated. At every turn, you are reminded of Krishna here, and your spiritual strength increases due to that contact. For instance, from ’62 to ’65, I would sit in these rooms and chant Hare Krishna and see the samadhis of Jiva and Rupa Goswamis. Just by thinking of how they wrote, I got the courage to write. I would type and cook a little. I lived very simply, content to be in Rupa Goswami’s presence. These samadhis are the best in Gaudiya Vaishnavism. They actually inspired me to go to the West.”

Dirt and Deterioration

Disciple: “Prabhupada, it appears that the Dham is deteriorated and unclean.”

“Vrindavan has not deteriorated! Just see. For a materialist, everything is topsy-turvy because his vision is perverted. Beauty and ugliness are in the eye of the seer. The ugliness that you see here is yoga-maya, Krishna’s covering. Vrindavan appears dirty and deteriorated to drive away the atheists and impersonalists. For a devotee, this Vrindavan is as good as Krishna’s transcendental abode in the spiritual sky, Goloka Vrindavan . But you must have the eyes to see. Vrindavan hides her self from the materialist.

“Vrindavan is so potent that even the dogs and pigs here are going to be liberated. Life here is not polluted because even the most polluted are being purified. So it is not deteriorating. If even the dogs are going to be liberated, how has Vrindavan deteriorated?”

Personal Vrindavan

Disciple: Prabhupada, why did you just speak of Vrindavan as a person [hiding herself]?

“In spiritual consciousness, everything is personal. In Ramayana, we find that even the city of Ravana appeared before Hanuman as a gigantic person, a rakshashi, and Hanuman knocked her down because she challenged him.”

Liberation in Vrindavan

“Both the pigs and devotees here in Vrindavan are liberated, indiscriminately. Unless one is a devotee in a previous life, he cannot take birth here. He may take a pig’s or dog’s body for a few years, but that’s no impediment. He is simply getting rid of sinful reactions.

Disciple: “Are people in Vrindavan liberated even if they don’t have a bona fide spiritual master?”

“Yes, because Vrindavan is directly under Krishna’s supervision. Krishna is their spiritual master.”

All Be Messengers

“Living eternally in Vrindavan engaged in the loving personal service of Srimati Radharani is the goal of all Gaudiya Vaishnavas. In our hearts, in our minds and with our lives we all try to live moment by moment in Vrindavan . We meditate on Vrindavan , dream of Vrindavan , and try our best to tell everyone about the sweet glories of Vraja Dham. Every Gaudiya is a messenger of Vrindavan , carrying the good news of Radha-Govinda’s pure loving service to one and all.”

In closing his wonderful teachings at this time, Srila Prabhupada humbly said, “I am simply Vrindavan ’s messenger.”

Taken from Vrindaban Days, chapter 5.

Srila Prabhupada ki jai!KartikaVratosava ki jai!Jai Jai Sri Radhe Shyam!



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