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The Opportunity for Seva: Untouched Braja




Barsana, 2014.10.05 (Save Braja Forum): Sadly, many major areas in Braja Mandal have today become nothing more that cement habitations, especially catering to the well-to-do and selfish visitors, who bring great material wealth to the area, at the cost of sacrificing the pristine beauty of this land.

Trees and sacred grounds have disappeared, being ravaged and ignored amidst the rush of selfish and temporal concerns, while the panoramic history of the Supreme Lord’s prakaṭa (manifest) pastimes 5,000 years ago is we ignored.

But are we wholeheartedly aware of the aprakaṭa (unmanifest) pastime presence of the Lord of this very day? If we did, then how would we be able to reside here without a semblance of sensitivity to the supreme feelings (bhāva) as we destroy their domain with indifference? Have we become simpleton armchair philosophers, lamenting, “Oh the age of Kali-yuga is upon us, and so the Dham is depreciating. Nothing can be done to stop it.”

Even if this appears to be the case, perhaps we should recognize that the revolving yuga cycle gives us an opportunity for seva, and that we actually can do something about it.


The time is now upon us to truly honor the Divine Couple in their abode. After all, are we not being observed?

Under the inspiration of Sri Ramesh Babaji Maharaj at Maan Mandir, Gahvarvan, Barsana, a humble effort has begun to protect and preserve the hills of Barsana. After many years of struggle, fighting for the sanctity of this sacred land, these holy grounds have been finally given governmental protection.


Just look at the hills of Barsana, especially behind the Jaipur and Shriji mandirs, where a hidden forest of untouched Braja has survived, including 70 foot trees. This garden, unknown even to most locals, is a fitting backdrop and playground for the Lord’s present pastimes.

This is just a beginning. What can you do? Touch the Dham in seva and be touched by your Lord as you care, at least enough to secure the holy natural environment in Braj for the future generations.

Link: www.facebook.com/brajdhamseva



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