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Mahaprabhu’s Charan Paduka arrived in Vrindavan




Vrindavan, 2016.08.20 (VT): It was ecstatic moment for the devotees, to find the ‘Charan Paduka’, of Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, in Vrindavan. Tears of joy rolled down their eyes to have the darshan of the ‘wooden sandal’, which was once adorned by their ‘DSC_0035Lord’.

In the context of the Celebration of the 500th year of Shri man Chaitanya Mahaprahu’s visit to Vrindavan, the ‘ Wooden Sandal’ used by Him, arrived in Vrindavan on Friday, amid tight security. The ‘Paduka’ was kept in Haribol Kutir, situated in front of the new Madan Mohan Temple, for worship and darshan.

The ‘Wooden Sandal’, adored by millions of devoteesDSC_0034, was brought from Nabadweep, the birth place of Lord Chaitanya by airplane to Delhi, and then to Vrindavan by car. After staying the night at the ashram, the ‘Paduka’, was ceremonially taken to Jatipura, in Govardhan for the Giriraj darshan on Saturday, early in the morning, where the followers of Chaitanya, from Radha Kund and Govardhan welcomed it by showering flower. Then it was brought back to Vrindavan at 2 p.m.

Slowly, the news of the ‘Paduka’s arrival’ in Vrindavan spread among the devotees. They started to gather outside the Haribol Kutir to have a glimpse of the ‘Sacred Shoe’. They stood in a queue and waited for their turn for worship and offerings.

Then the ‘paduka’ was taken for ‘Nagar Parikrama’ and Saptadevalaya Darshan. A grand procession of Nagar Sankirtan started at 4 p.m, in which many sants, mahants, acharyas and bhakts participated. The devotees were chanting and dancing in the procession. When the ‘procession’ reached the temples, the sevaits of the temple welcomed the Lord’s ‘Paduka’ with devotion by performing Aarati. The atmosphere was filled with the blissful sound of Conch, Bell and Mridanga. The ‘Nagar Sankirtan’ went to Shringar Vat and Imlitala also.

According to Shri Pitambar Das, Mahant of the Haribol Kutir, “ Keeping in view of the Celebration of Mahaprabhu’s 500th year of Vrindavan arrival, we appealed the Kolkata High Court to grant permission to bring the ‘Paduka’ to Vrindavan.” “Observing the issue is sentimental to the devotees, and feeling that there was no better way to commemorate the event, the High Court granted permission of the travel amid tight security,” added the Mahant.

Shri Sanatan Kishor Goswami, the Sevait of the Madan Mohan Temple said, “There couldn’t have been a better occasion than the Celebration of the 500th anniversary of Mahaprabhu’s Vrindavan arrival to bring the ‘Paduka’. It should have stayed till the day of Kartik Purnima, the day when Mahaprabhu arrived in Vrindavan. We shall miss it on that day.” It will travel back to Shri Nabadweep Dham on 21st August, at 4 p.m.






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