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Objections to Anup Jalota’s bhajan sandhya at Shriji temple




Barsana 2016.07.08 (VT): Bhajan Samrat Anup Jalota performed at the Shriji temple in Barsana amidst controversy.  The function was held at the temple premises on Wednesday without proper permission from the police. Notice may be served on the bhajan maestro also.

Moreover, the bhajan sandhya was held after the shayan arti of Radha Rani, when the deity is put to rest, breaking a centuries-old tradition of the temple.

A Goswami group organised a function at Shriji temple to celebrate the appearance day of the deities of Radha Rani and Krishna. But the SDM did not give his approval as the police force was completely occupied in Mathura keeping security for Eid, which this year happened to fall on the same date. Section 144 of the law does not allow mass gatherings without police permission.

In spite of that, the organising committee went ahead and conducted the programme, in which famous singer Anup Jalota sang bhajan for Radha Rani.

Aup Jalota performing at Shreeji Temple, Barsana

Aup Jalota performing at Shreeji Temple, Barsana

As per the tradition, the doors of the temple close at 9.00 pm after the shayan arti and no sound is made after that. But the programme itself started at 9:30 pm and continued for around one and half hours hours.

After the programme, the doors of the temple were reopened at 10:30 pm to give darshan of Radha Rani to the visitors, which broke a centuries-old tradition of the temple.

Dr. Krishna Murari (receiver of the temple) escaped the questions by saying that he will call for a meeting of the temple organising committee and sewayats to discuss the issue. Those who are found guilty will be charged.

On the other hand, main organiser Abhishek Krishna Goswami said that they have not broken any tradition, and that other Goswamis are trying to spoil his image. Barsana Police Station In-charge Jitendra Dixit said that a report has been filed and offenders will be put behind bars soon.

Devotees exposed to danger for two hours

The function noticed a gathering of around 800 people to participate in the appearance day function. But lack of police security made the possibility of anti-social elements being present and making danger to the devotees. Many pickpockets had their day stealing cash and valuable from the devotees, being a part of the crowd.

Moreover, no steps were taken in case of emergency. Only a few days ago a devotee from Lalitpur died from the current from a cooler, but the temple administration took no lesson from it.

Anup Jalota in Vrindavan

Anup Jalota also visited Vrindavan on Wednesday and went to Anand Krishna Van located at Sunarakh road. He said that Vrindavan is the place of bhajan as Swami Haridas is the master of all. Thakur Bankey Bihari Ji also appeared because of the bhajans of Swami Haridas, so we should also follow him to please the Lord.

On a question related to the controversial appearance day function at the Shree Ji temple, he said that he already knew that there was no approval as the SSP himself called him to inform about it. But he still did the programme as it was the will of the Lord himself.

More from the Times of India.

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