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Surbhi Gaushala, the poor cowshed rich with cows




Vrindavan 2016.06.09 (VT): Cows have always been an integral part of Vrindavan and most dear to Lord Krishna. The holy city which has witnessed and worshiped cows since the time of Krishna leela, is now a mute witness of their death due to human negligence. Cows are all over the streets of Vrindavan with almost no green grass to feed on, all that they get is garbage filled with plastic bags dumped on the roadsides. Visitors drive carelessly through the roads hitting the cows, mostly poor calves leaving them badly injured and last but not the least those merciless people who sell cows to slaughter houses just for few bucks.

Vrindavan alone has more cowsheds than any other city in the world but not all of them treat them as dear cows of Krishna. Only few cowsheds are left here who are trying their best to take care and to save our mother cow. One such cowshed is Surbhi Guashala near Radha Kund, Vrindavan.  This gaushala has been serving cows specially those that are injured, sick, old and abandoned; feeding, cleaning, and taking care of them on a regular basis.

a volunteer with calves at Surabhi Gaushala (Photo: Prawal Saxena)

a volunteer with calves at Surabhi Gaushala (Photo: Prawal Saxena)

The gaushala is one of the biggest cowsheds in the city with around 1300 cows. Initially they had 50 cows which grew to 1300 in number resulting short of space.  Most of the cows are handicapped due to accidents happened at various places in and around Vrindavan. The site is quite pitiful; around 50 cows are blind along with 10 more calves, who are recent entries to the gaushala. Many of them are seen with bandages on their limbs, back, ears, horns and stomach, some with open wounds infected with maggots. It is an extremely heartbreaking sight to see the poor cows suffering miserably for no reason.

The Manager of the cowshed Naini Chandra told our correspondent that most of the cows were reported by the passerby to the cowshed, post which they send a van to escort the cow. Most of the times they have found these cows lying in serious conditions due to road accidents.

The cowshed has also played an active role in rescuing the cows and buffaloes from the slaughter houses by purchasing the livestock from them to save their lives. Mr. Chandra also told that the space and funds are far limited as the cowshed is in the remote area and not many people are aware of them. Moreover they have limited funds for marketing as they are not supported by any organisation or NGO. They are able to manage somehow with occasional donations from the devotees and well wishers who help them to save a number of cows from the brutality of mankind.

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